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Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love this rack & pinion set-up from Steeroids. It takes a tired, old, sloppy drag link setup and makes the car super fun to drive. It is a home run for sure and your service is the best as well. I am a walking advertisement for your company. .

Thanks again, Dan Z.

Greetings, I just received my "Steeroids" order yesterday. The product is of excellent quality, and engineering. I can't wait to finish the frame of my 77 'vette to install this bad boy. I don't think an Apache Helicopter can burst those hoses supplied in the kit. Also the finish on the mounting brackets is incredible.

Once again, thank you Alan G

I used to drive GT racecars - this kit makes my Corvette like one! I can't wait to do some autocrossing with this quick ratio!

Jeff L.

This is an excerpt from one of our customers on The Corvette Forum:
"As far as Steeroids help goes...all i can say is that it is very straight forward and actually very easy to install... simply follow the instructions, they are very easy to understand and there arnt a whole lot of them actually, just a page or two... one thing that i did do was when they told me it had been shipped and was on its way, i went ahead and removed my old stuff (everything from the rag joint to the wheels) and kinda prepped for the install by cleaning under there and touch-up painting where the old parts were removed etc... that way when the big brown truck rolled in, i was ready to bolt it in... that gave me a nice fresh start on the install rather than starting it after a couple hours of work removing the old "junk"... and i DO, intentionaly mean JUNK...cause once youve experienced driving your vette with Steeroids, you will wonder how you ever enjoyed driving it with the antiquated, old fashion steering that came in these 25-30 yr old cars... and please note that i had a newly rebuilt steering gear, a brand new power ram and other new parts in mine before...and now i wished that i hadnt wasted my time and money and went straight to Steeroids in the 1st place... i can honestly say that my car now drives and steers like a brand new car and im not exagerating when i say that... if i had to find one negitive thing to say about the system i think it would be that my car dosnt seem to turn as sharp as it used to...for example when making a u-turn...i need a little more room to do so... but in my opinion that is a VERY small price to pay for all of the pluses..."

"I bought your power steering rack and pinion kit for Nova/Camaro. I own a 1974 Olds Omega which is an X-body. I have a 455 Olds in it with headers. I had no problems installing the kit. I also have a Moroso 7 qt oil pan and had to dent it very slightly to clear the mounting bracket.Over all it was a no hassle install and it works beautifully! It steers better than my 1989 WS6 Formula Firebird!" Eric K.

"I'm just writing to comment on the new kit I installed in my 68 Corvette. I bought one of the first batch produced. Needless to say it has been in my possession for some time but I have had the car down for various upgrades and just got it back together. My only comment is WOW what an improvement that is for this car. The kit was top notch and directions clear and precise. So far I'm extremely with happy with the results... Just wanted to let you know that I will be highly recommending this upgrade to any I come in contact with. I also used your clutch linkage kit with similar results, very nice. Thanks for developing these great products..."


I can't tell you how pleased I am with your Steeroids/Corvette rack... what a difference it makes in handling. I rave at every show and race about your product.

Dave R. I just took the Flaming River rack and pinion kit off of my Mustang and replaced it with yours. I am really happy with your kit over theirs, and especially with the customer service and knowledgeable staff. Please feel free to use me as a reference if anyone is considering your kit! Richard B.

This was the first directly bolt-on kit that I have ordered that was ACTUALLY BOLT ON! I didn't need to use my drill or hammer to make things go together - they actually fit right out of the box.

Ken L. I just want to say thanks for the professionalism and speed you and your company have used in handling this "glitch". In a business like yours (and mine) quick and positive response to problems is what keeps you at the top of your field. I will be recommending you and your company to all my friends.

Thanks again, Bert.

I love the "Steeroids" Power rack and pinion system, you guys did your homework on that one! Christopher M.

Thanks again for Your quick Service. I have the Steering in my Shop and have mount it to the Corvette. It fits perfekt. Hope to make more Buisiness with You in Future.

Erich M. (Switzerland)

(Corvette Forum Thread:) I emailed customer service and got a reply back right away. This is clearly a company that cares about it's customers and reputation!


(Corvette Forum thread, regarding an item damaged in shipping:) With one phone call the replacement was at my door in a couple of days. No questions asked. They even apologized for the problem. They do stand behind their product, and they never tried to make me feel like I was a dumbazz (although they would probably be correct)... They were very helpful during the installation. I ran into a couple of clearance problems that must ot be common in C3's. They talked me through all of them. again, they were obviously trying to be very helpful, rather than getting the bad attitude I get at most help lines. I've called them with questions about specific headers clearance. Again, very helpful. The Steeroids is one of the modifications that I am most pleased with.

Mike O.

(Referring a friend to us...) I told him how great you guys have been to work with and how great your parts looked so he's following my lead. Since you handled my order professionally I told him to speak with you and that you would take care of him.

Joe M.

(Regarding a beautiful American LeMans Series race car...) The car was put away in 85 and never saw the light of day again until 4 years ago when we began a complete bare frame bare block restoration, everything is original to the seats and window nets, except for two "bolt on" upgrades, a BeCool racing Radiator and dual electric fans, and what has turned out to be the most dynamic change in the car, the addition of a "Steeroids" rack and pinion ... The addition of the power steering rack has converted this mean handling 700HP lumbering dinosaur, into an easy to handle, well, still a beast. The ease of installation was incredible, and our concerns on loss of clearance turned out to be unfounded ... I'm sold on your products.

David R. Thanks for the great customer service. It is not very often that I find good service these days ... I will definitely pass the word along!!!! Thank you again. Don B.

Just installed my Sharkbar II tonight. Very nice piece. Very well engineered. With new carpet, seats, Simpson belts, looks very nice. I'll send some pictures soon. Thanks!

Dale E.

Every aspect of your business, from your website, to sales, to delivery, to customer service is top rate. Great to do business with you.

Steven K.

I used your Rod Links clutch linkage kit on my Corvette, and it is the best seventy bucks I have spent on the car! The clutch is better than ever.

Bill W.

Some comments from a tread on the Corvette Forum: Read the thread here!

The Corvette Steeroids is one of the best things I have done to my car.

John D.

I have no regrets getting the Steeriods system, makes my vette much more enjoyable to drive than the old manual system.

Chris L.

I had a sloppy steering box and leaking power assist. I chose Steeroids instead of new replacement box, cylinder, control, hoses, etc. I am very glad I did. The Steeroids installation was quite straight forward. The bracket and gusset fit was surprisingly good. I had no problem aligning the u-joint chain to be straight. The most difficult part of the installation was connecting one of the hoses to the PS pump.

Corvette Forum Member

I put one of the first Steeroid's systems on my 71 Coupe many years ago and it's been great. There's no way that the stock system can come close due to the control valve etc, and if you want road feel a rack is much better than a power box. Fantastic linear feel and fast ratio. The Steeroid's rack is one of the best things I've done to my C3, which include a 700R4 OD Trans, 400HP-406ci, and a modded HVAC system that delivers more fresh air at cruise.

Doug D.

I had a steeroids kit installed on my 69 convert inplace of a perfect working original PS system. I could not believe the difference. If you drive the car aggressive then you will want the steeriods as it makes things a lot easier to control plus it cleans up the engine bay greatly making tons of room. Corvette Forum Member I put the steroids rack on my 79 vett and lowered the front 1" with mono coils and there is plenty of room. my headers hang lower then the rack. awsome upgrade. Corvette Forum Member

I have had nothing but positive experiences with SpeedDirect from sales through support, and I let the Corvette Forum know.

Dave G.

Some more Corvette Forum comments:

I have about 300 miles on my install [Corvette Steeroids]. The installation was a 'piece of cake'. The installation instructions are good and comprehensive. The one thing I did notice was a clearance issue with one of the hydraulic lines. I was able to bend it enough to resolve it. I can feel no play in my setup. I find it very responsive and I have not noticed any 'bump steer'.

Corvette Forum Member

I just put a steeriods rack on my '69, and yes I would do it again. I do not have any of the play in the steering wheel... Absolutely the smallest steering wheel movement will start to turn the wheels. The quicker ratio is welcome also. I didn't have any problems with the install and alignment was breeze for the shop. [The bump steer adjustments] are set up a lot better than stock was in my opinion. I haven't got the car on the track yet but on the street it responses much better than especially a worn out stock system. Corvette Forum Member Went from manual to Steeriods, once I got the angles correct on the u-joints it has performed exellent, no binding and no steering slop what so ever.

Corvette Forum Member

I put steeroids on my 79. and love it so i just sold my flaming river 16:1 steering gear box.

Corvette Forum Member (When asked if he would install our Steeroids kit again:) would do it again in heart of the best improvements i regrets on this one

Corvette Forum Member Mine has been in 3 years had have had no problems. One of the best improvements I could have done. Corvette Forum Member Easy to install. No play at all with mine. Installed it this winter, and have not been to the alignment shop yet, (And i have only beent testing the car for 5min.)so it is to early for me to say anything aboyt quality. but a real good first impression. Corvette Forum Member

I wanted to let you know how much I like the head light conversion kit. Each piece was first rate and the installation was easy as stated. The length of the harnesses were perfect. I was able to tuck away everything making the add-ons near undetectable. My Corvette is custom, but I'm really anal about how I install after market parts. I like stealth. I stopped at my local Vette shop and he was doing a Steeroids install on a beautifull 66 roadster. He had another car waiting for the conversion as well. Guess that may be my next buy from you!

Thanks again, Dave R.

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