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Featuring Steeroids Rack & Pinion Kits
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Rack & Pinion Conversions

"Fun in every corner!"

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Awesome Shark Bite Coil Overs!
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"A totally amazing transformation that is a blast to drive!"

Does your Corvette seem kind of loose and drifty? Shark Bite front & rear coil over kits will make your C2 or C3 substantially more responsive. It will go where you point it! Check out our options to update old technology to modern specs, and get a great look to boot!

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Stage Kits for C2 & C3
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"An astounding change that is exhilarating!"

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Everything you need to make your old classic perform like a new Corvette. With our innovative steering and suspension products you can set your car up exactly the way you want it. Whether you are a street cruiser, a full out racer or anywhere in between, we have the suspension set up you need! These kits include front and rear coil over suspension with a variety of options to choose from, including sway bars, Steeroids rack and pinion steering kits and brake upgrades.

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Sponsorship: Courtney Barber & Team Mustang Girls

For the second year in a row SpeedDirect is proud to sponsor Courtney Barber of Folly Beach, South Carolina. Under the banner of Team Mustang Girls she will be campaigning her '65 teal blue Mustang in a number of important events for SpeedDirect. Courtney's car is equipped with our complete Vector Series Mustang suspension package including the legendary Steeroids TM rack and pinion conversion. This year she has “freshened up” her cool ride with new paint and body restoration, new interior and a rocking 450 hp Ford crate engine to liven things up.

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